Rehabilitation and holiday centre in memory of Professor Wiktor Dega in Gościm

The centre is situated on the verge of the Noteć Forests, at Lake Solecko and it covers the area of 11 ha. Within the centre there is a beach, harbour with water equipment, walking platform and foot - bridges for anglers. The situation of the centre provides the amateurs og hiking, cycling and motorized tourism with great opportunities. Accommmodation in 3-, 4- and 5 - person cottages and double rooms in a hotel - all with sanitary facilities.
At the disposal of the centre there are 240 places from May to September, and 100 which are available throughout the wholr year. In the area of the centre there is also a camping ground for caravans and tents with all sanitary facilities.
The kitchen offers delicious, varied, aesthetically served dishes ( possible keeping to diets ).
Active holiday: sport, recreation and tourism may be perfectly assisted by treatment of a fitness club including:

  • kinesytherapy - atlas, wall bars, mattresses, balance beams, training cycles, therapeutic balls, steppers, rollers and wedges, UGUL twisters, running track, body building gym.

  • physiotherapy - magnetotherapy, cryotherapy, inhalations, computer massage, lymphatic massage, gel and peat bats, BIONIC lamps, solarium LAMBADA lamp

  • hydrotherapy - Spa - Grandee - pool with massage ( for 7 people ), rehabilitation pool, " pearl" massage, sauna,physiotherapeutic massage - type HYDRO - JET - MEDICAL.

  • Consulting office and surgery.

Do realizacji programu zapewniamy specjalistyczną kadrę rehabilitacyjno-medyczną, oraz instruktorską.

Within the area of the centre there are also: a car park, playing fields with tartan surface, bowling alley, tennis court, track for wheelchair learning, fishing platforms, sports gym, cafeteria and shop.
The centre has certificate number OD/08/1/04 bestowed by the Government Plenipotentiary for the handicapped.

We offer turns for handicapped people with affections of: motor organs, organs of hearing, mental impairment, mental disease, EPI, respiratory system, general health condition, and periods with educational programme for the ill with diabetes and for women after mastectomy.

NOTICE: The handicapped people's companions may take advantage of medical tratment, if they have a qualifying application for the period, issued by a doctor.
We would like to invite to cooperation, we guarantee very high level of services.