Rehabilitation and Holiday Centre "DUET" -Karpacz

Rehabilitation and Holiday Centre "DUET" is open throughout the whole year. It can receive 55 guests at a time. We recommend comforttable, well equipped double and 3 - person rooms with all sanitary facilities, with a terrace or veranda. In every room there are single beds, armchairs, a table and a TV. The Kitchen offers delicious, varied, aesthetically served dishes, and the cafeteria invites for drinks and desserts while listening to music.

We offer interesting walking trips, sightseeing Karpacz, fire- parties, discoteques, contests, speeches and sports competitions.
We can also organize coach - trips around Kotlina Jeleniogórska (Jeleniogórska Valley) and to the Czech Republic (they are additionally paid).
Active holiday: sport, recreation and tourism may be perfektly assisted by treatment in a fitness club including:

Free of charge:

  • hydromassage

  • computer aided massage

  • electrotherapy

  • light therapy

  • inhalations

  • cryotherapy

  • magnetic field therapy

  • kinetic therapy

  • laser therapies

  • group and individual gymnastics

  • weight room

  • Paid services:
  • peat wrap

  • To realize the programme fully we engage specialized medical, rehabilitation and training staff.

    The centre has certificate number OD/02/5/04 bestowed by the Government Plenipotentiary for the handicapped.

    We offer turns for handicapped people with affections of: motor organs, organs of hearing, mental impairment, mental disease, EPI, respiratory system, general health condition, and periods with educational programme for the ill with diabetes and malabsorption syndrome (coeliac disease)
    NOTICE: The handicapped people's companions may take advantage of medical tratment, if they have a qualifying application for the period, issued by a doctor. We would like to invite to cooperation, we guarantee very high level of services.